Exchange Server 2016 – Remote Connection via Powershell (Windows 10)

On your remote machine open Powershell – Populate a variable with the credentials you will use to connect to your Exchange server2018-07-16_12-02-552018-07-16_12-05-07

Next type the following command to create a new session with the given credentials

$session = New-Pssession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -connnectionuri http://yourservernameFQDN/powershell -authentication Kerberos -credential $credentials

Once this command is complete import the Exchange Powershell module to your machine using the following command.

Import-Pssession $session


Exchange Server 2010 – Unable to Remove Public Folder Database

When attempting to remove a Public Folder Database in Exchange 2010 you receive the following error message below: MapiExceptionMdbOffline: Unable to determine if the store has local replicas (hr=0x80004005, ec=1142).


In my case this Public Folder Database was only a replica on a mailbox server which we had set to decommission. I was unable to mount or remove this PF Database via Powershell or EMC.

One method is to remove the Public Folder Database with ADSIEdit. First, take a backup of your Active Directory environment. Then open ADSIEdit from your primary DC and go to the following location. Configuration: CN=Configuration, DC=domain, DC=com; CN=Services; CN=Microsoft Exchange; CN= Domain name; CN=Administrative Groups; CN=Exchange Administrative Group; CN=Databases; CN=PublicFolderDatabaseName

After removing the Public Folder Database restart the Information Store, the Public Folder Database will be removed.