Windows Server 2016 – Windows Update Settings stuck on Custom setting

Ran into an issue today where we were unable to change Windows Update from Custom to Manual or any other setting.

2018-11-12_15-04-30 In order to resolve this issue you need to create the following keys in the Registry using Regedit. They just need to exist in the registry in order for the change to take place within sconfig.





Remove stale WSUS settings and restore Windows Update defaults to a server.

We are in the process of removing our old WSUS server that has faithfully served our client for main years. However now it is time to restore the servers pointing to this box back to the default value of Windows Update.

You can do this either with Powershell or editing the registry.

  1. Stop the Windows Update service
  2. Open regedit
  3. Find the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\
  4. Right-Click and delete the registry key Windows Update
  5. Restart the Windows update Service