NetApp – ONTAP 7-Mode – How to initialize a filer

A client had a very old NetApp filer (FAS3020) that has now been completely decommissioned. In order to purge the data you have a number of options. First, all the volumes and aggregates were deleted save the root volume and aggregate where ONTAP resides.

These spare disk were zeroed with the following command – disk zero spares

There is also the following command – disk sanitize, but you need to licensed. In our case we didn’t have a license nor the option to enable. The filer was running very old code. This also only purges data on disks that are spares.

NetApp link to disk sanitize command

In order to remove the data on the root volume and aggregate we initialized the SAN.

WARNING – running this will result in data loss!

If you will be reusing the filer be sure to save your license configuration. Once initialized this info will be lost.

To Initialize

  • Connect to your filer via Console cable
  • Reboot filer
  • Enter the Special Boot Menu with Ctrl-C when prompted
  • Select option 42018-12-27_9-13-31


Once all the drives have been initialized – ONTAP will create a new aggregate and vol0. You will then be prompted to setup the filer with configuration data.

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