VMware – Reset Root Password on a VCSA 6.5

So I needed to patch our vCenter 6.5 appliance due to a security flaw in our current version. When I tried to log in using the root password I was unable to do so. I know I had the correct password. Turns out I forgot the default expiration period which I had changed myself (should have set up a calendar reminder). The default I believe is 90 days as you can see here I set it to 365.


So now that my root password was expired, I was forced to change it. Luckily the steps are pretty simple.

  1. Log onto the ESXi box where your vCenter is homed, then console ino your vCenter.
  2. From there hard restart your vCenter box.
  3. When the Photon OS begins to initialize press the e key to enter the GNU GRUB editor
  4.  Append the following to the 3rd line of code – rw init=/bin/bash


5. Press F10 to reboot

6. At the prompt type passwd – enter the new root password

7. Then unmount the file system umount / or reboot


The VMware KB arrticle can be found here for reference –  https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2147144



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