SQL – Reporting Services Error – Keyset does not exist

Recently while working with an third party vendor we came across and issue where the SQL Reporting Services displayed the error below when attempting to browse to the ReportServer:

The report server was unable to validate the integrity of the encrypted data in the database. (rsCannotValidateEncryptedData) Keyset does not exist (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80090016)


I first attempted to delete the encryption keys from the Reporting Services Configuration Manager but I was unable to do so. This wasn’t really ideal but since the server was not 100% in production now would be the time to take such a measure.

Below was the error:


I then recalled that when I initially set up SSRS I had used a different service account for the Reporting Service. It was changed at the vendor’s request.  Once I had changed back the login account to the previous setup account the error was resolved.

Moving forward though I believe if I where to use a new account then the encryption keys would need to be deleted and SSRS would need to be reconfigured with that new account.

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