Musings on Nimble Storage Encryption

I have been working with Nimble Storage SANs for a few years now and I believe their storage solutions are perfect for midsized firms who may or may not have the budget to maintain a full time Storage Engineer.

The user interface is clean and intuitive, upgrades are extremely straight forward, support is great, and I don’t believe any other storage vendor can really compete with Infosight.

The other day at a client site, we came a cross an issue in regards to encryption. Encryption at Rest was enabled for some volumes and the 2018-08-14_10-38-37

This is pretty much a set and forget option, however this does not mean you will never have to enter the encryption passphrase.  If your SAN loses power you will be forced to enter the password. So keep it in a safe place, if you lose it you are pretty much S.O.L. You cannot change the passphrase without knowing the current one. In order to recover the passphrase the SAN would need to be rebuilt or you would need to migrate all data off to unencrypted volumes. So moral of the story never ever ever lose that password! 🙂

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